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Function of Air plant and Moss

Indoor tree planting is one of the techniques to show sophistication in home interior decoration. It helps create a green space, soothing the heat during summer days for our lovely home. If you need to find some plants which are capable of sowing and sprouting in dry weather and lack of water, you should buy the moss and air plant. These 2 plants are great for use in small landscape and indoor decoration. They have variety of shapes that you can combine to create the scence you like best.

They don’t need a lot of space or soil, just small places like reusing old aquarium for decoration, for your creativity. And they only need a very small amount of water. This can be a joy to watch your work grow each day, while you water them whenever you have free time. Not only that, these 2 plants have extremely good air filtration capacity, helping to purify the air. The air plant can also bloom, this is a highlight to give us more idea when decorating.

The method of growing air plants is very simple. They only need a small amount of water and no need direct sunlight, so you only need to plant them in a well-ventilated area and they can grow normally. You can spray a little of fertilizer for the plant grow better and bloon faster.

As for moss, you need to be more careful. At first:

– Make porous soil by using a rake to loosen the soil until you can grab a handful of porous soil.

-Use a hose or a watering can to pour plenty of water over the area you want to grow the moss. Then, use your hand to press hard on each type of moss selected on the planting place. Press down on the ground or on the hard surface so that the moss is fixed and not come out.

– Sau khi trồng rêu lần đầu, rêu cần được tưới mỗi ngày trong 2-3 tuần. Điều này giúp tăng khả năng sinh trưởng và giữ rêu cố định. Ngoài ra, bạn có thể dùng hệ thống tưới thật nhẹ để tưới rêu liên tục.

– After planting the moss, you should water them every day for 2-3 weeks. This help the moss to grow and keep them in place. Beside, you can use a light water system to water the moss continuously.

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